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Tiffiney Welles is the broker for my first house. My wife and I didn’t know too much about home buying, but Tiffiney did and she taught us a few things while in the market of purchasing a house. The first phone call I received from her, I knew she was really going to help us find our dream home due to her. She’s a highly professional and patient broker who took time and effort to make sure my family and I had our perfect first house we could call home. When I got denied for my first loan, she didn't just give up on me, she made phone calls on my behalf in order for me to get approved for the purchase of my home. When I called or texted her, and told her I wanted to look at a house, she was always flexible to work around my busy schedule in order for her to show me the house no matter where it was at. I kept confidence in her abilities to take care of my family and me.

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