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Tenax Real Estate will welcome any agent who has the essential characteristics of an entrepreneur, especially one who thrives on self-motivated ingenuity, and who views challenges and limitations as opportunities to find creative solutions.

For the right agent, we are a mentor, a resource base, and an ongoing support system. When we work with those agents who share our fundamental values, we can foster top producers, and we generously reward their success.

Our collective mentality at Tenax is accomplishing home ownership. This often means taking a different approach from the status quo, being willing and prepared to defy the perceived boundaries set forth by the big-game corporate REALTORs, and taking extra steps to achieve ownership for our clients. We brainstorm ideas, leave no question unasked, and never give up on a client’s dream. We aren’t afraid to try things, to find the best solutions for our clients to succeed.

At Tenax, agents will have the benefit of working under the masterful leadership of Tiffiney Welles, an established Broker with a track record for thinking outside the box and landing the most unlikely deals in the industry. Past Vice President of Legal Affairs for SDAR, Tiffiney is known as an industry pioneer who finds ways where others give up. She’s an innovator, having created the Risk Management Specialist program among others, and she takes the time to fully integrate new agents as they begin their careers. Agents will have access to her knowledge, herideas, and the undeniable influence that her attitude and energy project on those around her.  One-on-onementoring will be accessible as needed, and supplemented with monthly updates of real estate insights, as well as an ongoing schedule of training programs to help focus your skills on success.

We at Tenax understand that our culture is not for everyone, and that those who find their niche with us are a unique a special breed. We work hard, we play hard, and we fight hard when we have to, because we believe in making property ownership accessible to our clients. The tougher the deal, the harder we work. We get it done and we love our jobs.If you believe in always doing the right thing by your client, you will find a very rewarding home here at Tenax.  If you like our style and what we stand for, we would love to hear from you and have you join our team.

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