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Custom Transactions

At Tenax, we recognize that there is a growing need to look at alternative options for buyers and sellers in today’s real estate market. Financing is becoming harder to attain for many buyers, which affects a seller’s potential to find a buyer. The traditional transaction wherein a buyer simply secures a mortgage from the bank is becoming less common because of several underlying factors.

What about a buyer who doesn’t have a down-payment? Or doesn’t qualify for the amount he needs? And for sellers, the complications are numerous as well. A seller may be facing foreclosure, or looking at having to sell his house for less than what’s owing on his mortgage, thereby losing his home while still owing money on it. These are just a few examples and we fully expect your unique situation could be something we haven’t had to work with yet.

A lot of agents simply shy away from clients like this. These scenarios often represent lost causes to agents who believe they can do little to help either side reach a deal. These properties simply aren’t attractive listings to have in their rosters.

Here at Tenax, however, we see things very differently! We acknowledge that those are exactly the types of situations that are becoming more common and thereby redefining our jobs, and it’s up to us to adapt and find a way to make those scenarios work. Otherwise, what use will we be in the market if we aren’t able to up our game and adapt to the changing needs of both buyers and sellers?

So if you’re having trouble finding an agent to list your home because your don’t meet the traditional cookie-cutter scenario that makes the agent’s job easy, or you’re a buyer who doesn’t meet mortgage requirements because of a minor technicality or simply a lack of ingenuous thinking on the part of your banker, we might be able to help.

We’ll be very realistic about your options. We will thoroughly review your circumstances and brainstorm ways to make it work. Don’t give up until you’ve tried everything. Call us and let’s discuss today.

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