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6 Creative Things to do With Your Pumpkins This Year (That Don’t Involve Pie)

6 Creative Things to do With Your Pumpkins This Year (That Don’t Involve Pie)

Yes, it’s pumpkin season, and that means you’re going to be seeing them everywhere—if you aren’t already. That also means the kids are going to be asking for them constantly—if they aren’t already. This year, skip the traditional carving and embrace some fall decor ideas that will turn your pumpkins into treasures.

Paint Them

You can find as many painted pumpkin tutorials as you can pumpkins in the patch. We love this ombre spiderweb pumpkin craft because of how easy it is to pull off. You can have a unique look in a matter of minutes! Chalk paint in a variety of colors can help you create a homey look—especially useful if you’re not keen on orange.

Stripe Them

Talk about easy and high impact! The copper tape on these white pumpkins transforms them into something designer-looking, and this craft only requires a few minutes of work. You can also choose silver tape or opt for something non-metallic if you want to bring in more color or match your interiors.

Amp up Your Carving

This isn’t your typical carving. All you need to do is cut out spaces for the eyes and make a squiggly mouth. The addition of heavenly-veined plastic eyeballs makes these undead pumpkins extra creepy.

Address the Situation

$7 in stickers from Amazon and a can of spray paint can turn your pumpkin into something personal that will look great on your porch or front steps.

Make Them Fancy

What’s better than sequins to fancy up those pumpkins? “These might be the easiest, sparkly pumpkins you’ve ever made,” said Sugar and Cloth. “Apply the craft glue to the pumpkin in a circular motion, then pat a few sequins in place once the glue is tacky, being sure to cover the whole circle. Let them dry, and you’re all set.”

Revive Your Buffet Table

Throwing a Halloween party? You’ll obviously want pumpkins as part of your buffet table, and you can’t go wrong with a little vomiting pumpkin. Especially when you add guacamole.

If your party is for a mixed crowd or adults-only, you’ll love this handy tutorial to turn your pumpkin into a keg. “Making a pumpkin keg is easy as pumpkin pie. All you need is a sharp knife, a tap, beer, and about 15 minutes of your time,” said No Spoon Necessary. “Utilizing a pumpkin as a keg and filling it with beer adds a touch of pumpkin flavor to your favorite brew. Plus, it’s a great conversation piece and it is festively fun!”

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